Winter Menu 2018

Our menu changes every three months and makes the best of local in-season produce.


farm | fresh | table

breakfast | served all day

miso and roasted white chocolate sago  | v, $19.5 |  A warm, creamy Miso + roasted white chocolate sago garnished with a spiced plum compote and charred pineapple. Finished with coconut chips and white choc crumble | Add bacon $4  

punnet's strawberry waffles  |  $24.5 | golden Banana Waffle served with a creamy vanilla and strawberry custard, a sweet strawberry and basil jam, the Country Providore's own strawberry ice-cream finished with maple syrup and strawberry meringues.$22 Add free farmed Pirongia bacon .+$4

Vegan option: Duck Island's strawberry coconut and kaffir lime ice cream, vegan custard, and Persian fairy floss

beetroot and carrot fritters | ve, df $23.5 | house made beetroot, carrot and mint fritters served with a beetroot and coconut puree, garlic, chive + tofu sour cream, walnut dukkah, cumin seed feta, semi dried vine tomatoes and roasted spiced chickpeas

 Add free famed Pirongia Bacon +$4

creamy mushrooms | df, ve, v, gfo $23.5 | house made creamy mushrooms served in a toasted 5 grain loaf, vine ripened tomatoes, accompanied by semi dried  vine tomatoes,house cumin seed almond feta and sauteed kale.  Add free farmed Pirongia bacon +$4

Add poached eggs $3

punnet full breakfast | $26.5 | Pan fried Chicken lemon and oregano sausages, free farmed Pirongia bacon, roasted portobello mushroom, house made spiced beans, 2 soft poached free range eggs, hash browns finished with toasted 5 grain, house relish and herb butter. 

vegan feast | ve, gfo, nf, v  $26.5 | tonzu tofu sausages, vine ripened tomatoes, portobellomushroom, avocado, hash browns, tofu scramble, toastedvienna, house relish

brownstone | gf, nf $24.5 |  Oven baked potato, herb and garlic rosti, wilted spinach, semi dried vine tomatoes, free farmed  Pirongia bacon, house hollandaise and 2 soft poached eggs 

florentine | gf, v, nf $23.5 | Oven baked potato, herb and garlic rosti, wilted spinach, roasted portobello mushroom, semi dried vine tomatoes, house hollandaise and 2 soft poached eggs 

royale | gf, nf $25.5 |  Oven baked potato, herb and garlic rosti, hot smoked salmon, wilted spinach, lemon wedge, house hollandaise and 2 soft poached eggs 


farm | fresh | table

We use locally sourced and seasonal produce that is hand selected by our team of passionate chefs. We take the best produce available from the greater Waikato and cook it fresh to order with a focus on simplicity and taste.

lunch | served from 8am


soup of the day  | $16.5 | daily 

crumbed pressed lamb | $27.5 |  Slow braised lamb neck pressed with date and mint, crumbed and fried. Served upon a carrot and lemongrass puree, sauteed greens and finished with a rocket and mint pesto

smoked duck breast  |$29 | 

Spiced, smoked duck breast ,served pink, upon a urenika puree. Garnished with pan-fried confit yams, braised shiitake mushroom, duck egg custard, crumbed quail egg and preparations of piko piko.

winter greens and wild grains | $22| Sauteed Kale, Broccolini and edamame beans served on top of a wild grain mix, accompanied with a bessara sauce and rocket and mint pesto. Garnished with house cumin seed almond feta and a walnut dukkah crusted poached egg   Add smoked salmon $6

beef, bacon and bourbon burger | $26.5 | Slow braised brisket finished with a sticky bourbon glaze ,free farmed Pirongia bacon, bessara sauce, smoked goats cheese and  pan fried kale served in a Bella Pane turkish brioche bun with a side of house fries and Aioli $26.5

Vegan option: Bourbon glazed jackfruit and almond feta substitute. $26.5


farm | fresh | table


bubbles | 
veuve de vernay rose 200ml b $12.5 
veuve de vernay brut 200ml b $12.5 
bandini prosecco b $49 

mahi g $10.5 b $50 

sauvignon blanc 
satellite g $9 b $39 
amisfield g $12.5 b $59 

pinot gris 
spy valley g $10.5 b $50 

TW wines estate g $9.5 b $44 

pinot noir 
deliverance g $10.5 b $50 
lake hayes g $13 b $62 

merlot cabernet
 redmetal g $11 b $52 

mojo barossa g $10 b $48

we have selected some of the finest wines from around the world for you to enjoy, ask our team for a personal recommendation.

beer $ 9
luxe kolsch, session IPA,  pilsnah, schwarzbier (dark), heineken, heineken light, corona
cider $ 9
verano 330ml green apple | verano 330ml - pear + apple

house fizz
eiderflower fizz $ 9.5 strawberry and lime kombucha $ 9.5 hendricks gin and tonic w cucumber $ 12.5

house milkshakes
iced chocolate $ 8.5 house chocolate blended with icecream, milk and ice
iced coffee $ 8.5 kokako coffee blended with icrecream, milk and ice
house chai $ 9.5 (ve) organic house made chai over ice
salted caramel $ 9.5 dark caramel sauce, himalayan sea salt, icecream, salted caramel popcorn, whipped cream (ve option available on request $10.5)
short | expresso $ 3.5
long black | americano macchiato $ 4
flat white | vienna $ 4.5
latte | hot choc | cappuccino | chai latte $ 5 
mocha $ 5.5
nutella hot chocolate $8.5
matcha late $ 6
fluffy $ 2
house chai $ 7.5
kids hot chocolate $ 3 
shots of vanilla | caramel | hazelnut | side of milk  .80c

loose leaf tea | tea for one $ 4.5
fair trade organic tea by ritual tea company
kitchen table tea - black tea
bergamot sunrise - earl grey
fine fettle - peppermint
ruby red - rosehips, hibiscus and strawberry
good judgement tea - green
lay me down - chamomile and lavender
shot in the arm - lemongrass, ginger and lemon

house smoothies $ 12.5
each smoothie has a single 'superfood' component
green smoothie ve pineapple, coriander, lime, mint, cashew, chia, spinach, banana, matcha, almond milk
cacao, maca + mint smoothie ve cacao, maca powder, mint, banana, cashew, date, almond milk
turmeric smoothie turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, orange, mango, cashew, date, almond milk w sprinkling of bee pollen (ve on request)
fizz $ 5.5
cola, 0 sugar cola, lemonade, LLB, ginger beer, sparkling water, still water
juice - phoenix organic $ 5 
orange | orange and mango | apple | feijoa | peach + raspberry
children's juices $ 3.5
apple | orange | blackcurrent 
otakiri sparkling water $ 9
cold pressed soul organic juices $ 9   certified organic
zesty kick - oranges, turmeric, ginger, lime + apple
super juice - carrots, ginger, lime + apple
green is mean - kale, calvo, silverbeet, lime + apple
energiser bunny - beetroot, ginger, carrot + apple


farm | fresh | table

for the little people

punnet porridge | df, rsf | $8 |rolled oats, almond milk, fresh fruit + plum compote

kids bacon + egg | $10 bacon, poached egg, toasted 5 grain + butter 
punnet kids waffle | $10 | vanilla + banana waffle, strawberry syrup, maple, vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips 

fish + chips | $10 | crumbed tarakihi fillet, shoestring fries, wedge of lemon + tomato sauce 

beef burger | $12 | beef, lettuce, tomato, sliced cheese, shoestring fries + tomato sauce kids bagel $8 toasted seeded bagel w your choice of: punnets strawberry jam ' pics peanut butter ' punnet honey 

kids grazing plate | $12 | hummus, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, fresh seasonal fruit, bread, dried fruits

smoothies | $5 | chocolate, banana, berry, strawberry

juice pouches | $3.5|  apple, orange, black current 

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